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Real Estate

UK, Dubai, Germany and Portugal

Rental yields – 4-9% p.a.

Short-term rental yields 10-14%
Resale – 5-10% p.a.

Fixed Income Loan Notes

UK commercial property
UK litigation finance
UK residential property
Entry – USDorGBP25000
18 months to 5 years fixed term
8-12% p.a net income

Fixed Income + Profit share

UK residential and holiday property
Entry – GBP5000
2-3 years fixed term
12-17% p.a. net income

UK Private Equity

Entry – GBP10000
3-5 year hold within each company
3.5X minimum exit multiple

Private equity in gold exploration

Take a stake in a gold exploration company in Canada:
Entry – USD25000
Projected 3-4x current value by Q4 2025

US Pre-developed Land

Buy and hold outside key US cities
Entry – USD50000
5-7 year average hold
Annual income
IRR12-15% p.a.

UK Film and Television Production

Debt finance with fixed return
Entry – GBP100,000
6 months to 15 months average hold
Return of 5-10%

Wine Investment 

Italian and French stock.
Entry – USD100000
Buy and hold for average 3-5 years
Annual average net yield – 10%

Fine Art

Emerging Artists, Established Artists, Blue Chip Artists

Entry: Emerging USD20,000, established USD40,000, blue-chip USD90,000

Groundbreaking AI Fund

Fully Automated Algo Trading System

6 year Track record

Customizable for Risk / Return and Mandate Compatibility.

Trades 29 Highly Liquid Futures and FX Pairs using low leverage and risk management

Outperformed the markets in 2023, returning over 6% to investors

Family Office co-investment

4-5 year hold
Entry – GBP25000
Target of 3-4X on exit


The Wealth Lounge

The Wealth Lounge was created after many years of observing the habits of individuals managing their finances, realising that there was a shortfall in basic information and the direction in which the world of wealth creation is heading.

Our vision is to bring together innovative, prestigious and reputable investment providers across multiple asset-classes, with our growing client base, giving them the ability to absorb and apply these solutions into their own wealth creation initiatives. We will support and continue to work hard with our clients to ensure that they are always presented with the most robust investment opportunities from an ever-changing economic landscape.


We Serve Globally

At The Wealth Lounge we offer wealth management, securities execution and custody services across multiple regions around the world.

With our mission already in full swing, we look forward to creating an ecosystem of aspiring investors who are fully aware of the best investment opportunities available, in order to grow their wealth exponentially, always bringing together more like-minded individuals.

At the Wealth Lounge, we offer a boutique of alternative investments, wealth management solutions, securities execution.



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Sandeep has been an advisor to my family for over 10 years now. He has demonstrated the highest standards of integrity, honesty and ethics in his practice, and has proved highly knowledgeable in all areas of financial plannin.

Whilst there are many companies and other advisors that will do this on your behalf, I found that Holborn’s Sandeep Ghosh to have a very common sense and conservative approach which I very much appreciate.

Regardless of the complexity of any situation, Sandeep has always found a solution and has an ability to simplify even the most complex cases. Whether the issue is overcoming problems with Sharia Law or making up shortfalls in savings, Sandeep has a route planned, always keeping his client’s security as the highest priority.

During my 23 years of working life, I have come across a number of investment Advisors both in the UK and UAE, I can safely say that Sandeep Ghosh stands head and shoulders above anyone that I have dealt with previously and it is quite refreshing that there is somebody of Sandeep’s quality, integrity and overall character.

Sandeep has helped maintain a decent level of performance on my fund regardless of the market conditions.

My financial future was in disarray before I met Sandeep, but with his deep knowledge of the financial industry, both regionally and internationally as well as his experience to guide me through the financial circuit, I can now say that I have a financial plan and a level of security for the future.

Sandeep has been my financial advisor for a number of years and one that I have been fortunate to know. Sandeep’s insight in his experiences was met favourably in what is my complicated expatriate life. However, his guiding and pragmatic approach has left me satisfied , both with Sandeep as my financial counsel and to the portfolio he has managed on my behalf.