Founder and CEO, UK Qualified Independent Financial Adviser, Tax and Pensions Specialist, and Author



Sandeep’s base of high net-worth, family office and corporate clients stretches from the Middle East to Europe and the Far East.

The Wealth Lounge was founded by Sandeep as a result of the disenchantment felt by many investors with the global markets and their lack of consistency. Today, The Wealth Lounge operates as a fully functional wealth management consultancy, with a strong focus on Fintech and alternative investments including fixed income loan notes, private equity and real estate, among other assets. Sandeep has also forged a partnership with a major UK/Swiss family office to facilitate co-investment through their private client arm.

Sandeep is also part of the management team of 3RT Smart Gold Holdings, a gold exploration company in Canada and UAE that owns 50 square kilometers of gold and mineral claims. The company will become the first of its kind to tokenize all gold assets held with their land.

Following the success of Sandeep’s book, Waking Up to Wealth, recommended by, Sandeep’s opinions were sought and published by the likes of Arabian Business, Gulf News, International Adviser and Zawya Arabic. Waking Up to Wealth became an Amazon Best Seller, No. 2 in Business and Finance, and number 1 best seller on Kobo Reader, Business and Finance.

Based with his family between Dubai and London, in his spare time, his great passion is studying all forms of music, writing, travelling and playing golf (only in cool cloudy weather). Most precious to Sandeep is to have the ability to spend quality time with his family and friends.


Neil Ghosh

Head of Business Development, UK & Europe


Neil, based in London, has had 7 years’ experience working in the banking arena in UK, first with Bank of America handling litigation cases, and then with Lloyds Banking Group, reviewing the safety and performance of investment products. His experience in banking has proven to be a perfect asset for The Wealth Lounge’s growing suite of innovative products. As Head of Business Development, UK & Europe, Neil’s focus is on growing the investor network in this region, through an existing network of clients and prospects.

Neil is also a professional music producer and operates his own recording studio in west London, managing a well of independent and major artists and record labels. Neil is based in London.


Personal Assistant to Sandeep Ghosh


Amanda is a highly skilled and a highly valued member of the team. Amanda started her career in wealth management in 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Accountancy Major in Marketing Management from the National University, Manila, Philippines. Day to day, she manages Sandeep’s diary and coordinates all client relationships and admin.



For almost 40 years, Claude Paul has been a consultant to governments in West, Sub-Saharan and East Africa on trade and project finance. His ability to create visionary models has seen governments implement projects that have benefitted both these economies and their people. This socio-economic approach was most recently applied in the DRC, where Claude Paul provided valuable consultancy on waste management.
Claude Paul is the founder of HEART International (HEART} an NGO with a focus on Africa and HEART-PPP that has helped bring about numerous Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects. The Wealth Lounge will continue to support the development and the mission of HEART from all its business activities. Sandeep and Claude Paul’s friendship goes back over 25 years.
Claude Paul has experience delivering projects in challenging environments and working with stakeholders across varying levels. He is deeply passionate about building and developing the HEART ideology of a humanitarian business model and the growth of HEART. Under Claude Paul’s steady stewardship, we will continue to see the empowerment of the people of Africa. Paul spent much of his career in UK, and now enjoys life by his beautiful lakeside villa in Portugal.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hitesh Maggu


Hitesh, based in London, is a corporate professional, assisting companies in restructuring and transforming their business landscapes across various geographies. Hitesh also serves as an investment advisor with a private family office based in Hong Kong, with offices in the UK, Switzerland, and Austria. This office holds direct investments in over 50 innovative businesses in the Life Science, Finance, and Technology sectors. Hitesh is also a Founder/Director of a film production company, ‘Mr Maggoo Films’, based in the UK, dedicated to fostering creativity and conveying compelling and inspiring stories.

As Partner of The Wealth Lounge, India, Hitesh’s remit will be to expand The Wealth Lounge’s unique alternative product suite across family offices and distributor networks serving HNW and UNHNW individuals.

Advisory Board

The Wealth Lounge


Director, UK Property Accountants (UKPA) | (UK GENERAL AND PROPERTY TAX)


Wealth accumulation requires careful tax planning. For those expanding their portfolios into UK, UKPA has become a strong pillar of support for our clients.  Peter’s technical capabilities as a problem solver have helped him build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. Before joining UKPA, Peter worked as Finance Director in a group of manufacturing and property companies. He carried out the entire restructuring of the finance function and the group’s businesses while working as Finance Director. His deep interest in property taxation brought him to UKPA.

His experience includes clients from various sectors, including:

  • Limited company landlords
  • Non-resident property investors and landlords
  • Residential property developers
  • Individual landlords
  • Serviced accommodation business
  • Property traders
  • Let Property Campaign
  • Tax Planning
  • CGT advisory and return
  • Non-resident tax return (NRCGT)VAT compliance and planning
  • Individual tax returns
  • ATED Tax and returns


Managing Partner, 3RT Smart Gold Holdings


George is a former investment banker of 11 years, having held roles at various institutions in the US and UK. Most recently, he was a VP at Lazard in London. Previously, he was at Nomura and Jefferies. George graduated from George town University in Washington, DC., with a degree in Business Administration. George is leading the expansion of 3RT Smart Gold holdings, a Canadian gold exploration company holding c.80 sqkm of gold claims in British Columbia, with a strategic office in UAE. George’s objective is to continuously raise the valuation of the company through accredited geological surveys, with partial exits scheduled from as early as 2025.


Managing Director, RPA Group(Property)


RPA’s founder, Richard has worked in residential development investment for 20 years and oversees the general running of the business ensuring the RPA Group retains true to its founding principles. Over his career Richard has built an incredible network of international property investors and like-minded industry professionals. The RPA Group was born out of a duty of care to provide property investors with an industry-leading and integral service, one that connects investors with quality and desirable investment opportunities, whilst providing reliable and trustworthy market commentary and analysis alongside, enabling investors to make the best, most-educated decisions for them.


Partner, Head of Middle East and Africa, Joseph Mews


Previously having worked for some of the largest developers across Europe and the Middle East, Johnny is a founding team member of the Joseph Mews UAE office. He is a specialist advisor to expat clientele working in the Middle East and is a key figure behind Joseph Mew’s expansion into new African markets.


Director | International Mortgage Consultant, Maidwell Group


Sophia boasts a wealth of experience in the mortgage industry working across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. During this time, they have demonstrated their ability to provide excellent mortgage solutions to a diverse range of clients, including high net worth individuals (HNWIs), foreign nationals, first-time buyers, and Expats.
Throughout their career, Sophia has developed a deep understanding of the unique needs and requirements of each client and has a wealth of experience in handling even the most complex mortgage cases. Their ability to provide tailored solutions and unparalleled customer service has earned them a reputation as a trusted and reliable mortgage broker in the region.
Sophia’s extensive network of contacts and partnerships with leading banks and financial institutions enables them to offer their clients the best possible mortgage options, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

Today, in the early 21st century, we are witnessing a seismic revolution in the financial services industry, where the world’s population has unmasked the long-established control of money as dated, unfair, dictatorial and untrustworthy.
The mechanism of trade, transactions, borrowing and investing, and the way they are conducted, is mutating or being altogether usurped by seemingly fairer and transparent systems. Pioneering companies and individuals are sweeping through innovative alternatives to cash and traditional banking, reforming and radicalizing the way we manage our wealth, giving society control over its own fortunes.

With this new wave, we require new skills, including the ability to understand risk and the different asset classes. However, as we enter this era, we find a middle class that in their majority are debt-ridden and alarmingly short of their savings targets. Somehow, many of them project a sense of comfort, yet are locked in the manacles of a precariously flawed routine.

Sleeping through such crises and overlooking the newly paved routes to wealth will likely lead to financial devastation and defeat in the battle against time – racing to survive, but struggling to survive the race. The time has come to wake up to wealth.

“To learn about and keep up with the world of investment is nowadays becoming a prerequisite for life as we know it. Ignorance is no longer bliss – it is suicide!” “Recalibration of your attitude to any kind of borrowing will set a clear definition of what financial independence actually is.”

“If we’re to start making our financial plans today, to create and shape our dreams of the future, we can’t simply look behind assuming that the same methodologies will work.”

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We Serve Globally

At The Wealth Lounge we offer wealth management, securities execution and custody services across multiple regions around the world.

With our mission already in full swing, we look forward to creating an ecosystem of aspiring investors who are fully aware of the best investment opportunities available, in order to grow their wealth exponentially, always bringing together more like-minded individuals.

At the Wealth Lounge, we offer a boutique of alternative investments, wealth management solutions, securities execution.