Founder and CEO, UK Qualified Independent Financial Adviser, Tax and Pensions Specialist, and Author


Sandeep is also author of Waking Up to Wealth, Amazon Best Seller, No. 2 in Business and Finance, Kobo Reader Best Seller Number 1 in Business and Finance, iTunes, Google Play Store and through all major bookshops. It is the first publication of its kind by a financial services expert in the Middle East.

Today Sandeep works as a consultant with Holborn Assets, managing multi-asset portfolios worth USD40 million. He has clients across major multi-nationals including Emirates Airlines, ADNOC, Majid Al Futtaim, PWC, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, BP and Freshfields. His clients are spread across Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Preferring a holistic approach with all clients, whether middle or high net worth, Sandeep uses his experience and qualifications to address all key areas of financial planning, be they retirement or other major expense targets, estate planning, UK tax liability, pensions, insurance or general investments including financial portfolios and real estate.

He has a strong inclination towards rescuing malfunctioning portfolios through his knowledge of the various asset classes and how they work – an area he finds most rewarding, especially where the client has been poorly advised historically. Alongside a strong understanding of the traditional modes of
investment, whether mutual funds, bonds, or derivatives-based solutions, Sandeep has a keen eye on the new wave of options, brought on by the FinTech revolution. He has an in-depth knowledge of UK tax and pensions and has helped many clients through the complexities of both areas.

Based with his wife and daughter between Dubai and London, in his spare time, his great passion is studying all forms of music, writing, travelling and playing golf (only in cool cloudy weather). Most precious to Sandeep is to have the ability to spend quality time with his family and friends.

  • He is a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute(UK) – CII Award
  • He is a qualified associate of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment – ASCI
  • He is a qualified member of the London Institute of Banking and Finance – MLIBF Dip FA


Personal Assistant to Sandeep Ghosh


Amanda is a highly skilled and a highly valued member of the team. Amanda started her career in wealth management in 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Accountancy Major in Marketing Management from the National University, Manila, Philippines. Day to day, she manages Sandeep’s diary and coordinates all client relationships and admin.

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Personal Assistant to Sandeep Ghosh

Regional Offices

The Wealth Lounge- South Africa


Founder and CEO, Wealth Lounge, South Africa


Thapelo is the Co-founder and CEO of The Wealth Lounge South Africa. He is a Chartered Accountant South Africa with vast international and local experience with multi national companies. His technical expertise ranges from, Entrepreneurship, Globalization strategy, business management and leadership, financial planning and budgeting. Thapelo, served in various board directorship roles and also served in some as Independent Non-Executive Chairman.

In 2018, Thapelo was recognized by South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) among the top 35 under 35 CA(SA) game changers and movers, he was placed 5th in the country. The recognition, was in respect of his education and entrepreneurial disruptive, innovation and unique foundational model to uplift the standard of education integrating with entrepreneurship in South Africa.


Executive Director, Wealth Lounge, South Africa


Mkululi is the executive director of Wealth Lounge South Africa. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant (South Africa)/CA (SA) and Registered Auditor (RA). He qualified for both qualifications in 2011 and has been practicing as such for over 10 years. His areas of expertise are in auditing, taxation, financial accounting and business advisory services.

He worked for the Auditor General, SARS, public and private sector clients proving his expertise to these organizations assisting them to perform better in their line of businesses. He is equipped with advanced skills of assisting organizations with internal due-diligence that assist them identify internal shortcomings and interruptions that prevent sound performance and growth and devising adequate responses to them.

He is very passionate not about wealth creation but also about wealth opportunities identification and exploitation taking advantage of any sound opportunities that would yield good results for self and clients. His experience is very critical and relevant for wealth creation as it involves the necessary skills of accounting, risk identification and management, valuation, profitability-analyses etc. He is responsible for the business development aspects of the business, identification of relevant and returns-yielding investment opportunities and as well as the management of the portfolios on behalf of clients both individuals and organizational.

The Wealth Lounge- Ghana


CEO and Founder, The Wealth Lounge, Ghana


Dr Kobena T. Hanson is founder/CEO of Strategic Outlooks, a research consultancy and advisory firm in Ghana; and Principal at Causal Links, Washington, DC, USA. He is an international development practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in initiating and managing large-scale development research and capacity-building initiatives, most recently (2010-2014) as Head of Knowledge and Learning at the African Capacity Building Foundation, Zimbabwe.

He has conducted research in several African countries on development policy, capacity building, knowledge management and livelihood issues. Prior to joining ACBF, Dr. Hanson was a Knowledge Management Coordinator at Futures Group. And earlier, Assistant Professor of Geography and Planning at West Virginia University, USA. He has authored a number of books, journal articles, book chapters, and policy reports on urban livelihood strategies, natural resource management, social networking, and public policy in Africa. His most recent publication, Managing Africa’s Natural Resources: Capacities for Development (co-edited with C. D’Alessandro and F. Owusu), is by Palgrave.

Advisory Board

The Wealth Lounge


Director, UK Property Accountants (UKPA) | (UK GENERAL AND PROPERTY TAX)


Wealth accumulation requires careful tax planning. For those expanding their portfolios into UK, UKPA has become a strong pillar of support for our clients.  Peter’s technical capabilities as a problem solver have helped him build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. Before joining UKPA, Peter worked as Finance Director in a group of manufacturing and property companies. He carried out the entire restructuring of the finance function and the group’s businesses while working as Finance Director. His deep interest in property taxation brought him to UKPA.

His experience includes clients from various sectors, including:

  • Limited company landlords
  • Non-resident property investors and landlords
  • Residential property developers
  • Individual landlords
  • Serviced accommodation business
  • Property traders
  • Let Property Campaign
  • Tax Planning
  • CGT advisory and return
  • Non-resident tax return (NRCGT)VAT compliance and planning
  • Individual tax returns
  • ATED Tax and returns


CEO, 3RT(Asset-Backed Digital Currency)


Paul is the founder and executive officer of Zeta Group Holdings Ltd a Seychelles incorporated company specialising in private equity structures. Paul was and is a co-founder, executive director and one of the two principals of TM Management Ltd; a Hong Kong based Investment Management company incorporated in Hong Kong in 1986.

The Company launched the first ever broker based Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“HKSFC”) Authorised Fund in1988 as investment manager to the custodian and sub-custodian Royal Insurance PLC and Hoare Govett Asia, respectively.


Managing Director, RPA Group(Property)


RPA’s founder, Richard has worked in residential development investment for 20 years and oversees the general running of the business ensuring the RPA Group retains true to its founding principles. Over his career Richard has built an incredible network of international property investors and like-minded industry professionals. The RPA Group was born out of a duty of care to provide property investors with an industry-leading and integral service, one that connects investors with quality and desirable investment opportunities, whilst providing reliable and trustworthy market commentary and analysis alongside, enabling investors to make the best, most-educated decisions for them.


Partner, Head of Middle East and Africa, Joseph Mews


Previously having worked for some of the largest developers across Europe and the Middle East, Johnny is a founding team member of the Joseph Mews UAE office. He is a specialist advisor to expat clientele working in the Middle East and is a key figure behind Joseph Mew’s expansion into new African markets.

Today, in the early 21st century, we are witnessing a seismic revolution in the financial services industry, where the world’s population has unmasked the long-established control of money as dated, unfair, dictatorial and untrustworthy.
The mechanism of trade, transactions, borrowing and investing, and the way they are conducted, is mutating or being altogether usurped by seemingly fairer and transparent systems. Pioneering companies and individuals are sweeping through innovative alternatives to cash and traditional banking, reforming and radicalizing the way we manage our wealth, giving society control over its own fortunes.

With this new wave, we require new skills, including the ability to understand risk and the different asset classes. However, as we enter this era, we find a middle class that in their majority are debt-ridden and alarmingly short of their savings targets. Somehow, many of them project a sense of comfort, yet are locked in the manacles of a precariously flawed routine.

Sleeping through such crises and overlooking the newly paved routes to wealth will likely lead to financial devastation and defeat in the battle against time – racing to survive, but struggling to survive the race. The time has come to wake up to wealth.

“To learn about and keep up with the world of investment is nowadays becoming a prerequisite for life as we know it. Ignorance is no longer bliss – it is suicide!” “Recalibration of your attitude to any kind of borrowing will set a clear definition of what financial independence actually is.”

“If we’re to start making our financial plans today, to create and shape our dreams of the future, we can’t simply look behind assuming that the same methodologies will work.”

Also available on Amazon, App Store, Playstore. You can also order the book through any major bookshop in the world.

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With our mission already in full swing, we look forward to creating an ecosystem of aspiring investors who are fully aware of the best investment opportunities available, in order to grow their wealth exponentially, always bringing together more like-minded individuals.