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HelloGiggles readers, these days we could celebrate the beginning of
International Ladies’ Few Days
by playing videos video game released today on fb which can help females on a worldwide size. Yes, I’m definitely major.

I ask you be sure to put down your regularly scheduled gaming tasks for a moment nowadays, and try away a-game that empowers females in need —

Half the Sky Movement: The Video Game

Only notice myself away.  Like feeding farm animals or harvesting plants in video games like


you are able to take comparable measures in

One half the air

which will really cause a real life reaction – supply the goat, to see how a
real life community can use that goat’s dairy
as a qualified source of both food and earnings.  Play a mini-game comparable to


and assemble
books which is donated
to girls which, stunningly, aren’t because of the exact same knowledge as boys far away.

Circulated now (3/4/13),

One half the Sky

is taken to you by
Games for Change
, in collaboration with Zynga.org and online game developers Frima Studio with Show of energy.

The Online Game is based on the no. 1

Nyc Days

popular guide,

1 / 2 the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women international

, compiled by a husband-wife duo, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn (each of whom are Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters).  The ebook provides the oppression of females globally to be “the paramount moral obstacle” your present period:

Kristof and WuDunn additionally made a PBS TV series as one of their unique many transmedia elements. Shot in 10 countries, and featuring A-list celebs like The united states Ferrera, Diane Lane, Eva Mendes, Meg Ryan, Gabrielle Union and Olivia Wilde,
the collection
sheds light on the really harsh facts of females globally while exhibiting “lasting options for empowerment”.  What does which means that?  This means they are working to deliver men and women with each other – maybe not by handouts – but by training folks for you to create flourishing communities.

So… how might a book / television series which centers on sex trafficking, gender violence, maternal death and women’s knowledge translate into … a video clip game?! simpler than you had imagine.

Half The Air

completely operates in a Facebook video gaming structure.  Plus one you’re probably acquainted.  With gameplay that seems more like an entertaining guide, it’s an escape into an alternative real life – one that’sn’t yours, but is very real for another girl around the globe.

Yes, sometimes you will have the option of “in-app purchasing” – exactly like you would in

Furious Birds

and each and every some other freemium game on the planet.   You do not need to spend real life cash unless you wish.  Lots of the actions will automatically cause free donations from

Half The Sky’s

sponsors.  Actually, among the first quests you finish will give a novel that’ll be sent by
Room To Read Through
.  If you wish to discover more about the non-profit, you’ll find website links which will provide you with all you need to find out about the legitimacy of the system a part of your game.

A few of these non-profits no doubt you’ve heard of, and a few you will need to hear about.  Among the very popular is quite
, co-founded by U2 frontman Bono and focused on battling intense poverty.  Then absolutely
The Fistula Basis
, which assist ladies who have actually suffered a “fistula”, and in place of myself explaining to you precisely what this is certainly,  I highly motivate you to find out about it while playing

Half The Air

.  In reality, you can do it while you’re regaining “Energy”.

Towards the top of the display screen, you will discover three usual in-game types of money: “wish Bonds”, “Coins” and “Energy”.  Hope ties are unusual and are attained normally each and every time the personality levels upwards.  Coins are attained by offering goods (ie playing mini-games similar to


to get Mangos, etc). And lastly, strength, and that’s an exactly what playing a mini-game can cost you (ie obtaining Mangos can cost you 10 Energy).  1 Energy point is actually gained right back every 1 minute, & most measures during the game will need 10 electricity.  We strongly suggest that you spare your “Hope ties” while in the mini video games (as seen throughout the remaining region of the screenshot) and do not spend them immediately… even though it’s really tempting because’re used to similar video games that do not actually have a genuine world impact.  Save your Hope Bonds for afterwards, is my personal guidance:

Your main screen will put on display your currencies towards the top remaining plus “Rank” towards the top correct, of which discover 12.  Any time you stage up, you will get a “position” (ie “Leader”), you get a Hope Fund along with your Energy meter fills to complete.  Using your “position” tend to be your safety, Education, money and wellness yards.  All have actually related quests and need grading up in each category to be able to progress to several regions of the overall game (ie gain Health by volunteering from the neighborhood medical center by talking to customers).  The eco-friendly icons at the very top are to purchase home elevators

Half The Air’s

associates and non-profits, along with the real life chance to donate if you thus want. The bottom of the display is how there is the supply and Twitter friends list – that you can hire and show electricity, etc with.

The left region of the screen will be your “Help Meter” – if you finalize any motion inside the game, you ascend up this ladder.  Sponsors are put at certain rungs where you will induce an free opportunity for females.  Like, Johnson & Johnson will donate $4.50 towards the Fistula basis when 4500 factors might achieved.  Incase you ever before have concerns, you can reference

Half The Air’s

or consult the
Game Guide

After screening and playing, my important thing review is the fact that

Half The Sky

is the ideal system to take ladies problems into gaming.  By utilizing a common Twitter format aided by the correct tone, cartoon and rating, all events included worked with each other to put in spot a-game that forced me to transform my personal brain regarding the way we are able to play video games.  I have constantly thought in video gaming for good, but it’s surpassed my actually my wildest creativeness.  My personal only note, is that I do aspire to see much more in-game rewards in place for distributing awareness of dilemmas and empowerment to be able to split up

Half The Sky

from the package.  Afterall, this is not just a-game – it’s a movement.

Many thanks, Michelle Byrd and Asi Burak from
Games For Change
for appealing us to your pre-launch occasion.  It had been an enjoyment conference you physically, together with Maria Shriver, and of course Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

Discover more information on

Half The Sky

on their website, together with all their social networking connections.

Should you play the
Half The Air: Game
now, you’ll be able to tweet

Nicholas Kristof
, Michele Morrow &
Sheryl WuDunn


Michele Morrow &
Maria Shriver

Michelle Byrd
& Michele Morrow

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